The National Show Horse Registry (NSHR) was created to meet a growing need within the equine industry for beautiful show horses with athletic ability, for new excitement and incentives in the show ring and for a broader base for the show horse industry. The overwhelming choice for this new breed was an animal that would combine the beauty, refinement, and stamina of the Arabian with the size and high-stepping motion of the American Saddlebred. With these two breeds as it's cornerstone, the National Show Horse was born in 1981. During it's history, the NSHR has taken steps to make possible the employment of a variety of combinations of these two basic bloodlines to produce a breed that continues to surpass it's own standards, the always exciting NationalShow Horse.


The National Show Horse Registry is dedicated to creating an atmosphere in the show ring that reflects the excitement created by the horses themselves. New concepts and formats for the shows have been combined with a prize money system to create new enthusiasm for spectators and exhibitors. The NSHR committed itself to providing opportunities for all breeders to profit from showing their horses. The prize money system created by the NSHR is designed to allow exhibitors a chance to more than offset the expenses associated with owning and showing a horse. The NSHR guarantees to offer as pay back a minimum of 40% of all registration fees for any year in prize money during the next year's show season. That guarantee has resulted in owners of the NSHR horses earning more money in the show ring than has ever been available through a registry.


In addition to the opportunity to win money in the show ring, the NSHR provides breeders with new marketing opportunities. Owners of Arabian or Saddlebred mares can often produce foals through the NSHR that are not only of better quality but of greater market value than through a purebred breeding program. Most fans have one or more Arabian or Saddlebred mares who have outstanding bloodlines and good conformation yet do not consistently produce superior quality Arabian or Saddlebred foals. These same mares often produce top Quality National Show Horses that can provide the breeder with a greater return on their investment. CREATING NEW OPPORTUNITIES The NSHR offers established breeders and newcomers to the show horse world an opportunity to participate in the creation of a new breed and to establish themselves in a favorable position within the show horse world. Whether one decides to devote himself exclusively to National Show Horses or includes them as a part of his overall horse program, the National Show Horse can be an exciting and profitable venture.


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