Gone but not forgotten

4-13-1976  to  08-28-2004

When Connie Murphy (Noble), owner of Ginger Lynn Farms, moved to the North Valley in 1976, one of the first people she met was the owner of Elsinore Abufarza. Farza was charismatic, intelligent, and everything she had envisioned an Arabian to be. She was hooked. She had to have one just like him. On this same occasion, the owner of LJ Arabians was at the ranch and told her of a colt he had for sale by Farza. Connie had not fathomed owning a colt let alone standing a stallion. But sure enough, the colt was everything she wanted! Thus the beginning and total basis for creating Ginger Lynn Farms

   From the time Connie brought Ezra Home, he has been the grand master of the farm, and the sole reason for the farms success. Ezra has reinstalled the image of what the classic Arabian should be. He has proven himself as versatile, intelligent, devoted, and as having the most wonderful attitude the Lord could give a creature. Additionally, to anyone that's had the pleasure of knowing him, he truly has an extremely addictive personality all his own. Lucky for us, he has made it one of the traits he passed on to his children, over 170 in all!

   In his lifetime, Ezra has been on the racetrack, pulled Santa in the Christmas Parades, won in Driving, Country and English pleasure, Halter, Side Saddle, and Native Costume classes. In addition to this marvelous career, he has stood at stud at Murel Lacey's Training Center in Walnut Creek, California.

   Due to untimely circumstances, Ezra went sterile at age 18. At this time, Connie decided to geld him for his peace of mind. Now this horse, that has given so much to others, can live out his retirement years with the companionship of one of the brood mares at the ranch and be content.





Thank you Ezra for being wonderful you. 
You have touched all that have known you so profoundly. 
There is no way to truly say thanks enough. 
We want to wish you a long, healthy life!

SrEzra Ibn Farwa   IAHA #147109   Foaled: 4-13-76


SrEzra Ibn Farwa


Elsinore Abu Farwa Abu Farwa Rabiyas
Zanaga Gezan
Karadjil Karadjordje Gerwazy
Symbella Ibn Fadjur
Arabi Angel

Ezra Tani Marra

One of Ezra's best loved sons


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