Alexander The Great

2006 American Drum stallion

owned by Ponderosa Ridge Ranch/Tanya Williams

17.2 hands

homozygous for both the tobiano & black gene

This new breed of horse has come thundering out of the history books and into reality in America.
First used by the Queen of England in her ceremonial Band of the Life Guards.
The Drum Horse carries the heavy kettle drums during the parades and other pageantry.
Today, the American Drum Horse is proving to be the ultimate heavy riding horse.
A talented athlete, the American Drum Horse can excel in many disciplines.

*** Alexander is being offered for sale ***

 Alexander is truly a GENTLE GIANT!
He is one of the very few American Drum stallions standing at stud in California. His quiet nature and loving disposition,
make him ideal for a classic Driving horse. Alexander has great drive from behind and is very lofty in front.
Alexander has had very nice foals from a variety of breeds of mares. They all have his easy going attitude,
and great minds, making them very easy to handle from the start.
Alexander was shown in Albany, Oregon at the August PtHA show and won HIGH POINT UTILITY HORSE.

Alexander is homozygous for the tobiano gene as well as the black gene. You will always get a pinto foal.
He will not ever sire a chestnut foal.

stud fee:  $1000
live cover
live foal/color guarantee

Galway Warrior (sire of Alexander)
"Father of the Drum Horses"!

Galway Warrior was the world famous Drum Horse stallion that was once owned by the Queen Of England,
as a sire of Drum horses!


These photos are an example of the American Drum Horse


Alexander Foals